The Team


Kamalu Bhutambara | Our Motivation

Kamalu Bhutambara, father of Nilesh Bhutambara, belongs to the tribal family. He has been in the village for past 60 years when the village had no connectivity with the developed areas. He had survived in the village, solely dependent on food from hunting and collecting medicinal leaves from the forest. His immense exPerience about each nook and corner of the forest is irreplaceable. He has been our inspiration in developing the beautiful location into a tourist place. We would like to give you an exPerience of the serene forest life which is near to impossible in the fast moving city life.


Ganga | Executive Chef

Ganga Bhutambara, mother of Nilesh Bhutambara, is the owner of Prabalgad Hotel. She is running prabalgad hotel at prabalmachi for the last 5 years. She makes food on a wooden chullah (stove crafted in wood) which families come to eat all the way from Mumbai. Her recipe includes home made spices, freshly picked veggies from the forest and the smoky taste of cooking in wood. Country chicken made by her is a must try for all the non vegetarian lovers. The adoration for her cooking earned her a lot of appreciation and reviews from tourists in google for Prabalgad hotel.


Nilesh | Founder of Prabalgad Valley Tourism

Nilesh Bhutambara (called "Bhau" by dear ones) is the only “Tribal" boy who graduated from his village. His village is ancient and beautiful, situated half-way up a mountain at the base of Prabalgad Fort and Kalavantin Durg. The two forts and the natural beauty of the surrounding regions has attracted many visitors and fort-enthusiasts. He observed that this area was not explored to the fullest by many. He was born and bought up at Prabalmachi village from childhood and has long-standing relationship with forest mountains, tribal culture and lifestyle. He decided to start Prabalgad Valley Tourism for camping, trekking and especially unique and special local events that are available nowhere. The special events and adventure activities that give real exPerience of their tribal lifestyle, culture, and taste of real local wood cooked delicacies are just priceless.


Sujan | Co-founder and Coordinator

Sujan Kumar visited Prabalgad with his colleagues and fell in love with the natural beauty of the place. He joined our team and proactively took up the activities. His brilliant management skills, ideas to innovate our location and belief in our team has made Prabalgad Tourism what it is today. He is the man behind the engineering and all the tourist-friendly facilities that are put up in Prabalgad valley tourism. He loves the serenity of the place and aspires to make it a full movie-like exPerience to the tourists without compromising on the luxury.


Sumon | Partnerships and Field Support

She adores travelling and has visited Prabalgad many times in between her Masters degree, for relaxation. Her exuberant management and communicating skills gave the officials a thought of requesting her to be a part of the Team. Her collaboration with Sujan gave the Tourism valley a modern campsite facility. She is a Bengali who savors the local food of various states


Shubangi | Your Trip Manager

Shubangi, She is your leisure activity Co-ordinator and trip organizer A passionate yet humble youngster who grew up in the lap of nature inculcating wanderlust within her. A consultant by profession is a wanderer, who likes to take adventures to the next level. A free spirited Person to boost up the energy of your trekking and camping trips to Prabalgad. She is your partner and friend throughout your trip.


Sangita | Site head & Camping Manger

Sangita Bhutambara, She is the site and camp Manager from Prabalmachi village. She manages and maintains the campsite


Meera | Trekking, Camping & Event Manager

Meera Subramanian(Leisure Activity Coordinator, Media Manager), a passionate yet humble youngster who grew up in various geographical locations of India and Kuwait absorbing in herself the different cultures, ideas and way of life. She's a passionate researcher in the fields of electronics engineering and neuroscience. Her key to her passion is her curiosity and her desire. She works closely with her colleagues and fills the air pleasantly with them making her a key member of forming a great team. She possesses interests in art and designs, and a dream to travel the world. She possesses a degree in Psychology.


Suresh | Site head & Camping supervisor

Suresh Wagh, he the site and camp suPervisor from Prabalmachi village. He manages and maintains the campsite. He is the "Muscle" of our team to carry materials for arrangement and building up to 50 kg from base village takurwadi to prabalmachi village. He is the reason for the campsite to run above 1,500 feet above ground. He is well familiar with the Prabalgad area.